Boot Wash Stations, Boot Scrubbers and Bootwash Units

We design and manufacture stainless steel Boot Wash Stations, Boot Scrubbers and Bootwash Units for food production facilities, pharmaceuticals, abattoirs, quarantine areas, hatcheries and agricultural facilities that are designed to avoid transfer of potentially harmful substances.  Our boot wash stations are all manufactured from high-grade stainless steel.

Our boot washers clean rubber boots at plant entrances and provides cross-contamination control between processing operations.  They are built to perform in all sizes and types of food processing environments, where food processing hygiene is critical. From agricultural facilities to food/beverage processing operations, Precision Stainless Systems provides the ultimate food safety solutions through proper boot washing equipment.

Hygiene stations are necessary for your business when hygiene is a very important part of your production process. Particularly in the food industry, it is important to ensure a 100% perfect personal hygiene.

Hygiene stations ensure that the soles of shoes of production workers to be cleaned, even as their hands.

Precision Stainless Systems have 20 years working with food industry and pharmaceutical businesses on creating hygienic solutions for production rooms.

Automated cleaning by Hygiene stations

A guaranteed personal hygiene process in a hygiene station starts with the lather, washing and drying of the hands. Then the brushes of the hygiene station automatically clean the soles.

Ask us about a Boot wash Station for your production room

Our holistic service offering, from design and engineering, through to installation and testing allows us to create tailored solutions to suit your business.  We’d love to design and fabricate a bootwash station for your production room.