Handwash Basins and Sterilisers for hygiene control in processing facilities

Handwash Basins and Sterilisers are essential for hygiene control in the demanding processing environments of food processing plants, beverage production rooms, pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities, and factories in general.

All personnel in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical manufacturing environments must regularly and adequately wash and sanitize their hands to prevent microbial contamination of foods and food-contact surfaces.

Staff and visitors of any production facility need to be provided with appropriate hand washing equipment. If 200 employees are going back to the production line at the same time after break, there has to be enough handwashing stations to accommodate the flux of employees. If handwash stations are not placed in convenient locations, employees may skip washing. The key is keeping the units accessible so that employees will use them.

Commercial-Grade Handwash Basins and Handwash Stations

Precision Stainless Systems produce commercial-grade customised stainless steel handwashing and sterilizing stations, including Knife and Equipment Sterilisers, for production rooms, to comply with strict hygiene standards.  They specifically cater for the needs and demands of the food industry, particularly meat processing facilities (Meat & Chicken Processing & Smallgoods) .

We design hand basins to suit any configuration, and will determine the best solution for your production room, whether it be free standing, wall basins, compact, integrated splashback, rectangle, round, and or hands-free knee operated.

With over 20 years experience in the Food Processing Industries in Australia, we understand the importance of sound high quality processing equipment, with fast, reliable service and locally available spare parts.