When packaged products need to be transported within fabrication processes in an efficient and controlled manner, reliable material handling technology is needed. Precision Stainless Systems have decades of experience engineering, manufacturing and installing product conveyor systems that really make a difference to our client’s production room efficiency.  These conveyor systems have the ability to accumulate, flip, stack, rotate, push, divert, or index your products between manufacturing or packaging process.

In December 2015, we were commissioned to design, manufacture and install a complete conveyor system for packaged products.

The system was design for carton conveying, using modular belting, and included inclines, declines, 90 degree bends, and carton transfers.  Most conveyors were installed via ceiling support frames to allow clear floor access for production staff.  Also included in the project were several unloading and repack tables.

The installation was completed in the first week of January 2016.