Durable and Versatile Slat Conveyors

Slat Chain Conveyors use interconnecting slats for specific industry applications.

Slat Conveyors are extremely durable, and when designed properly, are a very useful addition to any manufacturing system.  Slat conveyors are very versatile in handling a multitude of products, from raw materials, through manufacturing process, to finished products.

Slat Chain Conveyors are very popular in specific areas, including high speed, high wear and high impact applications.

Experts in Slat Conveyors

Slat Chain Conveyors are a core capability of Precision Stainless Systems. We design and manufacture Slat Conveyors for a multitude of manufacturing processes and finished products including foods, beverages, chemicals, beverages and other applications.  They are one of the most versatile conveyor systems that we build.

Modular or Custom-Designed Slat Conveyors

Our engineers can work with you to custom design a conveying system that improves your processes, productivity and production issues while maintaining high safety & sanitary design standards.

As the Australian distributor for Easy Conveyors, we also offer cost-effective modular conveyor solutions that provide unlimited options to handle a broad range of production line products and tasks.  By utilizing Easy Conveyor modular equipment, we can ensure a fast delivery schedule and reliable performance at best value prices.

slat conveyor and bottle elevator
Slat Conveyors
Modular Conveyors