Why use Platforms in a Processing Facility

Potential fall hazards demand protection. In processing industries, it is generally considered that workers will be “at risk” at heights of six feet or more above the ground. Protection is afforded by designing new process systems (or modifying existing systems) to include a means of safe and efficient access to the equipment for both operation and maintenance. Integrated personnel access systems include platforms, access-ways, stairways, ladders and railings. Elevated static platforms provide permanent and secure access to the high areas of a process system and are recommended if (a) major repairs or frequent maintenance are required or (b) the safety of the employees becomes a question.

Easy to Clean, Inspect and Maintain

Stainless Steel is corrosion resistant, high and low temperature resistant, strong, and hygenic. The clean-ability of stainless steel makes it the first choice in food and pharmaceutical processing facilities.

Custom Designed Steel Static Platforms

Our Static Platforms are custom designed, fabricated and installed to improve access to Production Lines, allowing for safer and more efficient operation, and thereby meeting or exceeding OH&S requirements.

Precision Stainless Systems Static Platforms are ideal for food and beverage processing facilities that must meet varying clean design requirements and Good Manufacturing Practices.  We are the ideal choice for your food and beverage processing and packaging facility platform.

  • Available in stainless steel, aluminum, and steel construction
  • Standard finish options include industrial high solids epoxy, powder coated, and galvanize steel
  • Standard and custom options for stairs, railings, and walking surface.