Precision Stainless Systems are specialists in the fabrication of production room solutions.  We can provide you with quality stainless steel and mild steel fabricated products for any industrial project.

Our Darra steel fabrication facility has the capabilities to do anything from small to large commercial steel fabrication projects.

We are passionate about delivering best practice design and manufacture and have established a reputation for high quality workmanship.

We strive to build good relationships with our customers and work with them to achieve well designed and cost effective production room solutions which are manufactured to the highest standard.

We have expertise in all area of stainless steel fabrication, including (but not limited to!):

        • Stainless steel food grade conveyor systems
        • Stainless steel food tanks and vessels
        • Stainless steel process pipe and tube work
        • Box and carton conveyors
        • Food grade bin tippers
        • General sheetmetal fabrication
        • Food grade shuttle conveyors
        • Production room stainless steel coving
        • Production room accessories
        • Stainless steel platforms
        • Stainless steel tables
        • Sinks and sanitary bowls
  • Mezzanine Platforms

  • Bootwash Units

  • Waste Drains and Grates

  • Storage Vats

  • Access Ways, Stairs and Handrails

  • Platforms and Walkways

    Production Room Solutions
  • Hydraulic Pump Control Cabinet

    Production Room Solutions
  • Steel Cabinets

    Stainless Steel Fabricated Cabinets