Roller Conveyors are reliable, affordable, flexible and extremely practical, and suit any application that deals with flat-bottomed objects.  They are a versatile and economical way to move boxes, cartons, pallets, crates, tubs, trays, shrink wrapped packages and many other products around a production area or warehouse.

Premium, Quality Roller Conveyors

At Precision Stainless Systems we manufacture a vast range of roller conveyors, using premium quality components, and excellent engineering design.

We offer a make to order service meaning we can manufacture conveyor rollers in increments of 1mm to suit your exact requirements. Please feel free to call us anytime if you have any requirement for conveyor rollers or any of our products and services.

Every Roller Conveying Solution

We produce all types of roller conveyor systems, from light duty PVC rollers to the heavy duty pallet handling rollers, including:

  • Gravity Conveyors
  • Powered Conveyors
  • Chain Driven
  • Line Shaft Driven
  • Motor-Roller Driven
  • Bends, Merges, Junctions, Gates, Cross-overs and turntables
  • Accumulation and Buffering
  • Monitoring, Sorting, Tracking, Measuring and Weight Equipment

Modular ERS Roller Conveyors

ERS Roller Conveyors are used for conveying  wide variety of light to heavy products, totes, trays, pails, corrugated shipping cases, and much more.  Each section of the conveying system is modular, so future line expansion and operational changes are accommodated using pre-engineered Logic modules by Easy Conveyors.  RollerDrive systems are extremely quiet 65dB (A), making them ideal for noise sensitive environments.

The standard widths of the ERS roller conveyors are 420/ 620/ 620/ 820 mm.

ERS 50 Gravity Conveyors convey product manually or via gravity decline, completing integrated systems applications, assembly, picking lines and dynamic storage solutions.

ERS 51 24V RollerDrive Conveyors are transport, accumulation or zero pressure accumulation conveyors.  Each RollerDrive drives a series of slave rollers via PU Round belts or PolyVee drive belts.  Each drive features a digital interface to an external PLC control protecting the RollerDrive from overload.

ERS 52 24V Smart Conveyors are zone controlled zero pressure accumulation conveyors.  Each 24V RollerDrive drives a series of slave rollers via PU Round Belts or PolyVee drive belts.  They are self contained, requiring no additional controls.  Individual drive zones operate automatically, according to the status of adjacent zones, reducing energy consumption.

ERS Belt Drive Roller Conveyors use flange mounted gear-motors 230/460/575V.  A single gear-motor drives multiple straight conveyor sections.  Belt tracking ans tensioning are automatic.  They are ideal for conveying heavy loads.

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ERS 50 RollerDrive Conveyors
Easy Conveyors RollerDrive Conveyors
Easy Conveyors Smart Roller Conveyors
Talk to us about a Roller Conveying Solutions

We have a great deal of experience in designing and supplying conveying solutions for production rooms – particularly when it comes to Food ManufacturersBeverage Manufacturers, and Non-Food Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) Manufacturers (Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare, Batteries, Pet Food, Chemicals).  There wouldn’t be many situations we haven’t already found effective solutions for across a broad range of conveyor applications. So call us to discuss your needs. Our advice is free, and it is good.