Using our specialist expertise in the design and build of custom stainless steel solutions for food and beverage manufacturers, we have recently custom-built food processing conveyors for some of Australia’s best-known brands.

Our conveyors are designed and built to be durable and reliable. We use high quality components suitable for Food & Beverage products and packages.

We work with meat & chicken processors, bakeries, dairy producers, fruit/vegetable and grain/nut/legumes processors and producers of smallgoods, snack foods, biscuits, and other packaged foods, as well as breweries, juice manufacturers and wine producers.

Depending on the manufacturing requirements, our conveyor solutions can consist of a variety of gravity and powered conveyors, belt, chain or slat chain conveyors, plastic modular, thermodrive, cogveyor belt conveyors, and chain driven rollers.

We will ensure that you get the best system for your commercial needs, at the best price and in a short time.

Here are some recent example of conveyors that we have designed and built for food manufacturers:

1. Flighted Incline Thermodrive Belt Conveyor

This flighted Incline Thermodrive Belt Conveyor was designed for transferring sliced vegetable from a Slice Machine into mobile Product Bins.  Once these Bins are filled they are then transferred to other areas of Production within the Plant for further processing.

Since this conveyor solution is design used for fresh vegetables, we incorporated the Thermodrive Belt to facilitate easy belt cleaning.  ThermoDrive thermoplastic conveyor belts offer a perfect solution for hygienic food-processing applications.

Flight Incline Thermodrive Belt Conveyor (640x480)

2. Chain Driven Roller Conveyor

This Chain Driven Roller Conveyor was built for transferring full cartons from a Boning Room to a Freezer Infeed Conveyor System.

We had to custom design this carton conveyor to manoeuvre the cartons through and past several other items of equipment to exit a Production Room.  Powered Chain Driven Roller Conveyors are the best solution for this type of complexity.

Whereas the lighter-weight lineshaft-drive conveyors can allow individual rollers to ‘slip’ if the load is high enough, the chain-driven roller is all about power and traction.  With chain-drive powered roller conveyors, each roller is bound to its neighbour by a chain-and-sprocket arrangement, terminating in a pair of “drive sprockets”, which also connect to the motor by chain. This arrangement ensures that no roller can ‘slip’ under load, and gives positive drive to all of the rollers on the bed simultanously.

Chain Driven Roller Conveyors are not often utilised these days but they still serve a purpose in some production rooms, providing the mechanical components used are of a high quality.

Chain Driven Roller Conveyor
product transfer packaging conveyor 2017

3. Product Transfer Packaging Conveyor

This Product Transfer Packaging Conveyor has been built for visual product selection, hand picking and loading of products into various Product Trays for further processing, cooking, freezing and distribution.

We fitted a blue Conveyor Belt on this Food Processing Conveyor to optimise visual product selection, reduce cross contamination of food and for the ease of cleaning and sanitation at the end of Production.

Product Transfer Packaging Conveyor

Talk to us about how we can improve the efficiency, hygiene and equipment reliability of your food production facility.