Handwash Troughs and Fountains designed to meet strict hygiene standards

We manufacture stainless steel Troughs, Sinks, Drinking Fountains and Bubblers to best suit the specific configurations and dimensions of a production room.  Both our troughs and drinking fountains have the options of being hands-free, incorporating a knee activation for use in food handling areas.

Our handwash troughs and drinking fountains can be designed to be wall mounted, wall recessed or pedestal bubbler configurations.  They provide the ultimate in hygiene and ergonomics for optimum ease of both hand washing and drinking.

We understand the importance of durable, quality hand wash sinks as your customers’ safety depends on hygienic standards. One of the most important stages of a company’s hygiene routine is washing your hands at regular intervals in a safe and reliable manner. If hands aren’t washed properly, the risk of contaminating simple goods with harmful bacteria can be detrimental for your business, and in certain circumstances businesses get closed down.

Precision Stainless Systems have 20 years working with food industry and pharmaceutical businesses on creating hygienic solutions for production rooms and have designed a variety of troughs and sinks, and drinking fountains in varying in sizes and dimensions.

Our stainless steel Troughs and Drinking Fountains to best suit the specific configurations and dimensions of a production room.

In addition to hand washing solutions and hygienic drinking fountains, we manufacture Stainless Steel Equipment and Solutions for all types of production rooms and manufacturing facilities, including conveyors (all types); stair sets, balustrading and handrails; trolleys, storage racks, cabinets and tables; tanks, hoppers bin tippers and chutes; drains and grates; mezzanine floors, static platforms and rise and fall platforms; hygiene stations, including bootwash units, and sterilizers. What ever your need, we can fabricate a cost-effective solution.

Our engineers will work with you to produce custom designed equipment and machinery to improve processes, productivity and resolve production issues while maintaining high safety & sanitary design standards.

We will work with you to design and fabricate the the best hand wash trough and/or drinking fountains for your production facility.

Please contact us to explore your options.