We specialise in the fabrication of custom-designed stainless steel solutions for businesses with a production room and or processing facilities.   Our holistic service offering, from design and engineering, allows us to create the optimal solutions for your business.

Decades of Experience in the Fabrication of Stainless Steel Equipment

We have  20 years’ hands-on experience in the manufacture of stainless steel equipment, building specialised equipment for plants tin Brisbane, South-East Queensland and Northern New South Wales.

We specialise in stainless steel fabrication of custom machinery and equipment for manufacturing businesses in these sectors:

    1. Food Manufacturers – Meat & Chicken Processing, Smallgoods, Snackfoods, Bakeries, Biscuits, Packaged Foods, Fruit & Vegetable Processing, Grain/Nuts/Legumes processing, Dairy producers
    2. Beverage Manufacturers – Breweries, Juice, Wine
    3. Non-food FMCG Manufacturers – Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare, Batteries, Pet Food, Chemicals

Our experience in the industry enables us to work with plant engineers and operators to propose solutions or designs of specialised equipment to suit the customer’s needs.

Our Stainless Steel Equipment encompasses conveying systems, vats, tanks, hoppers, bin tippers, chutes, hygiene stations, including bootwash units, handwash troughs and sinks, hands-free drinking fountains and sterilizers. What ever your need, we can fabricate a cost-effective solution.

Our engineers will work with you to produce custom designed equipment and machinery to improve processes, productivity and resolve production issues while maintaining high safety & sanitary design standards.

We offer a complete range of services, from concept to installation, including:

⦿ Engineering
⦿ Design & Drafting
⦿ Project Management
⦿ Sheetmetal Work & Fabrication
⦿ Assembly
⦿ Installation

Stainless steel is  widely used in food and beverage manufacturing and processing industries for manufacture, bulk storage and transportation, preparation and presentation applications.

We fabricate Stainless Steel Equipment for the food processing industry where sanitary quality stainless steel is required to support healthy and legal requirements of the food processing industry, such as: